Olivari was an upstart olive oil brand with a passion to make higher quality olive oil than the big brands. How? By focusing on doing lots of little things right the big guys don’t do that all add up to make a better product. Problem was, it had no awareness. How would it stand out on a shelf crowded with bigger funded, more established players? Simple. By creating a marketing campaign that chose to focus on celebrating one little thing every day for a year. A social media bombardment that was as quirky as it was memorable.

The campaign helped double the sales of the brand in under 6 months. It also received social media attention from Bon Appétit and The New York Times.

Case Study

Sample Content Videos

Sample film executions from our Year of Little ranging in scope from the nuanced and beautifully directed The Detailers series to humorous Little Holidays, and the ultra slow motion vignettes of olive oil in flight.

The Detailers – Robert Darr, “Curve”

The Detailers – David Patchen, “Heat”

MinimOilism – Ultra slow motion of oil in motion.

One Minute Recipes – Bruschetta

Small Songs from a Small Tiny House – feat. The Bowerbirds, “April”

Oli the Olive – “Breezes”

Print and Additional Sample Content

Beautifully crafted paper state birds from our smallest states, tiny urban gardens, facebook postings, how-to’s… the list went on. Here are a few samples from the year.

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