We must relentlessly chase the details in everything we produce, and every project we pursue should have a strong reason for being.

  • Zane Cooper
    Zane Cooper Partner & Co-Founder

    As Creative Director, designer, photographer and programmer, Zane has the innate ability to remove the extraneous from any problem he’s solving helping him and the clients he serves find simple, elegant solutions that deliver results. With a love of technology, art, and travel, he endeavors to leave everything a little more beautiful and meaningful than when he found it. Zane graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University where he studied Industrial Design and Computer Science.


  • Neil Levy
    Neil Levy Partner & Co-Founder

    As Creative Director and writer, Neil has a deep-seated love for storytelling and even today holds the contrarian opinion that people still enjoy reading copy. Provided of course it’s worthy of being read. His passions span history, science, film, and literature. He’s happiest when he’s thinking about ideas that can change the world but much happier when he’s actually making them.

  • Todd Porter
    Todd Porter Executive Producer

    As Executive Producer, Todd has the unique ability to bring almost any vision to life. And for over 20 plus years at some of the best advertising and design shops in the world, he’s orchestrated everything from Super Bowl spots, never-been-done before events (like getting a building-sized vending machine filled with live musical acts made for Doritos at SXSW), while discovering new musical talent long before the rest of the world does.

  • Stephen Fahlsing
    Stephen Fahlsing Technical Director

    As Technical Director, it’s Stephen’s job to ensure all the digital things we propose to clients can be built well and within budget. Having worked with Internet technologies and digital marketing since the mid-’90s, he has extensive experience in creating effective digital campaigns by focusing on user experience, desired user behavior, and outcomes. Over the course of his career, he’s led teams that have built everything from complex e-commerce driven experiences, apps, innovations in media, new technology driven products, even 3d projection mapping.

  • Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner Interactive Director

    As Interactive Director, Chris is constantly finding innovative ways to bring digital concepts to life while meeting the marketing, product, or customer needs. With a passion for animation, motion graphics, design, photography, product development, and construction, if it can be built, odds are good Chris can figure out a way to bring it to life in an elegant way. Even if he has to write the code or build the prototype to make it happen.

Recently Awarded

  • Graphis Silver in Photography for "Life Well Travelled Hong Kong."

    Graphis Silver - Photography
  • Best Bank Online Ad, Best Of Show Online Ad for "Sydney" rich media banner.

    IAC Best Bank Online Ad, Best Of Show Online Ad
  • Official Honoree for Cathay Pacific Boston Route Launch Pre-Roll - "Teacup."

    Webby Awards
    Webby Awards Official Honoree - Tourism & Leisure
  • City competition winner (first prize).

    I SHOT IT Competition Winner
  • Gold Graphis for Cathay Pacific "Unexpectedly Familiar" Boston launch campaign.

    Graphis Gold
  • Obie Award Winner for San Francisco Zoo

    Obie Awards
    Obie Awards Winner
  • Silver Effie for California Lottery

    Effie Awards
    Effie Awards Silver
  • Bronze Andy for California Lottery

    The Andys
    The Andys Bronze
  • Northern California Emmy Award Winner for Keep California Beautiful.

    Emmy Awards
    Emmy Awards Northern California Emmy Award
  • Silver Graphis for "Cathay Pacific 5's."

    Graphis Silver
  • The One Show Merit for San Francisco Zoo

    The One Show
    The One Show Merit
  • Clio Awards Finalist for Sony Playstation

    Clio Awards
    Clio Awards Finalist
  • Best Airline Online Campaign for "Cathay Pacific 5's."

    IAC Best Airline Online Campaign
  • Finalist 2017 Black & White International Photo Competition.

    I SHOT IT Mark of Excellence
  • Lurzer’s Archive 25th Anniversary Issue for San Francisco Zoo

    Lurzer’s Archive
    Lurzer’s Archive 25th Anniversary Issue
  • Silver National Addy for California Lottery

    Addy Silver National Addy
  • Clio Award for Altoids

    Clio Awards
    Clio Awards Winner
  • Cannes Finalist for San Francisco Zoo

    San Francisco Zoo
    San Francisco Zoo Cannes Finalist
  • Silver Addy for "Life Well Travelled Hong Kong" integrated marketing campaign.

    San Francisco Addy Award
    San Francisco Addy Award Silver
  • Merit for "Taking the Mal Out of Malpractice."

    Graphis Merit
  • FWA Site of the Day for Altoids

    FWA Site of the Day
  • Best Design Online Campaign for "Cathay Pacific PEY."

    IAC Best Design Online Campaign
  • Gold New York Festivals Award for San Francisco Zoo

    New York Festivals
    New York Festivals Gold
  • Best Branded Editorial Experience for "Life Well Travelled Hong Kong."

    Webby Awards
    Webby Awards Official Honoree - Best Branded Editorial Experience
  • Communication Arts for San Francisco Zoo

    Communication Arts
    Communication Arts Featured Work
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