Cathay Pacific Airways wanted to call attention to their Premium Economy Class service. They’d recently starting offering it through Asia and it meant long-haul passengers didn’t have to give up perks like extra-legroom, complimentary champagne, hot towels, and electronic charging stations when they boarded connecting flights out of Hong Kong. So we created a simple and iconic look, celebrating the little details that made Premium Economy special. The campaign became the global look and feel for Premium Economy.

Print Work

Simple and iconic, these ads were designed to stand out in the often crowded and cluttered airline transportation marketplace. The campaign look and feel was adopted globally and continues to run in publications such as Wired, Conde Nast, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and many other international publications.

Rich Media & Standard Digital Banners

Rich media banner ads allowed consumers to explore amenities and discover what makes premium economy attractive to them personally.

Chopsticks 300x250 Standard Flash Banner

Morning 300x250 Standard Flash Banner

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