There are over 7 billion people on planet Earth and although no two of us are exactly the same, we all share one pretty amazing trait: Every single one of us has an immune system. And like our fingerprints, each is unique to us. If you haven’t thought about your immune system in a while, you really should because our immune systems are incredible things. For one, they keep us healthy by helping to ward off illness and disease. But hiding within them are secrets tied uniquely to our individual DNA. The kind of personalized information that if better understood, could help predict what sicknesses may be heading our way and what remedies could be created to combat them. When Ozette came to us and told us about their quest to use AI to map and unlock the secrets of the immune system, we were instantly hooked. The implications for global health are huge. Thanks to their efforts, in the not-too-distant future, that will mean a world of personalized therapies unique to individual needs instead of the one-size-fits-all kind of treatment that exists today. For Ozette, it’s all in the data they can gleam. Data that changes everything.

Through a new branding system and site we developed for them, they now have the foundational elements in place to tell their story.

Website Design and Development

Ozette tasked CL&P with a complete redesign of their corporate website. Because the company is equal parts A.I. innovation and human-centric, the look needed to marry both in an elegant way. Additionally, the world of scientific research can be a little cold and feel scholarly. We wanted to honor the intelligence in that space while giving it a modern appeal. To view the live website visit Ozette.com.

Logomark Development and Brand Work

In addition to the website redesign, CL&P is also working on Ozette’s brand identity including the logomark, imagery and graphic style, color palettes, typography and many other items. Examples of the redesigned logomark, graphic imagery and photography below.

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