At its core, the act of learning should be a joyful experience. But for most students, teachers, and parents, it’s not. That’s because they’re forced to use terrible Learning Management Systems (LMS’s) that have clumsy, confusing UX and UI. They make it difficult for teachers to plan and communicate classroom assignments. Difficult for students to stay organized and focused. And difficult for parents to stay connected. When CodeStringers came to us with a vision to reinvent what an LMS can and should be, they gave us carte blanche to help build their brand from the ground up. We started by creating a name that stood for the elevated learning experience we imagined students, teachers and parents having. With the name “Ella” in hand, we designed the brand from the ground up to feel exciting, optimistic, and modern leaving no brand touchpoint unconsidered. All to match the helpful and seamless interface and experience CodeStringers was hard at work building. Now in pilot, Ella will soon become the standard of how an LMS can and should work for students, teachers, and parents everywhere. A truly amazing project to be a part of, thank you Cynthia, Michael, and Christian for trusting us with your vision.



CL&P helped Ella develop its name, tagline as well as the brand look and feel.

Website Design

We designed a modern site UX and UI that coupled with a warm, uplifting design helped make the site feel approachable to teachers and parents.

Email Templates

We created email templates that could be both beautiful and performance driven. The early results show high engagement with Ella communications.

Social Posts

We created compelling posts about trending topics in the world of education educators and parents would want to pay attention to.

Brand Styleguide

We gave Ella a complete set of brand rules for all mediums so that anyone who created content for the company would know how to do it on brand.

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