To celebrate the launch of five new flights out of the New York area, we helped Cathay Pacific Airways create a marketing effort that celebrated the number “5”. Each one showcased a different reason why people might want to fly. Those reasons then made up the texture of the fives. Appearing in out-of-home, print, online and social media, the fives stood out in a very crowded media market helping to create a successful route launch.

Print Work

Sample print executions developed for “Cathay 5’s”. Cinema 4D and Photoshop were used to create the illustrations. Adobe Illustrator was used to create a customized version of Cathay Pacific’s brand font, Univers.

Digital Banner Executions

Digital video banners (40k) were produced by Marathon Agency and facefaceface using the models that were developed for the print campaign. These banners and animations produced some of the highest engagement rates online Cathay had seen and created the backbone of this successful campaign.

Out-of-Home Executions

New York Grand Central Station.

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