Cathay Pacific Airways wanted to launch new service out of Boston to Hong Kong, but market research indicated a potential barrier: Due to its distance from The East Coast, Hong Kong was viewed as unfamiliar to most travellers polled and as a result, seemed too different and potentially hard to enjoy. But as it turns out, Hong Kong has quite a lot in common with Boston. So we created a marketing effort that celebrated the best of both worlds to make it seem more familiar and more accessible.

The campaign played a big role in helping the new route hit 91% of capacity (seats booked). To put that number in perspective, most new route launches are considered successful at around 65%.

Case Study

Digital Banners, Pre-Roll and Rich Media

These pre-roll animations garnered huge click-through rates, high numbers of views-to-completion, and brought the predominantly out-of-home campaign to life on screen and tablet.

Print Work

Illustrations of two worlds meeting executed in English and traditional Chinese. These dual-language ads broadened our reach to native speakers, travelers and students in the Boston region.

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