Ever watch a movie and wonder what it would be like to be in the plot? Thanks to The Void, now you can. Ok, maybe not literally, but close.  The Void is an technology+entertainment company that is leveraging VR to help create immersive entertainment experiences that merge the physical and virtual world. In partnership with Disney, they were set to launch Star Wars: Secrets of The Empire on location at their theme parks in Orlando and Anaheim and needed some help with how to get guests who hadn’t heard of them to notice and then buy tickets.

Campaign Roll-Out and Experience Map

To start, we helped The Void create a marketing eco-system plan to connect with customers pre-Disney visit, at the theme park, and then after their trip.

Campaign Asset Creation

We then developed static and digital assets that could be used in owned, paid, and earned media to build anticipation for the experience opening.


A series of static images that feature silhouettes of a person who has been removed.


A series of portraits of people that feature each person wearing an artifact from the experience.


A series of static images that feature a key item that people will be encountering in the experience.

Social Posts

Rebels Needed “Broken Transmission” teaser posts (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)

Rebels Needed “Secret/Dangerous” teaser posts (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc.)

Rebels Needed “Trailer” teaser posts (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc.)

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