When you hear the phrase “malpractice insurance” most people think of something negative. That’s because “mal” means “bad”. Yet malpractice insurance is a fundamentally good thing. It allows doctors to practice medicine without the threat of being sued. So when The Doctors Company was looking to rebrand themselves as a leader in the space, we removed the mal and focused on the good that comes from partnering with a trusted leader.

Running in print, online, broadcast and social, it’s led to a 24% increase in online quote requests. More important, it’s given the brand a radically different market perception as well as the people who work for the company.

Print Design

Print designs for newspapers, magazines, out-of-home and other publications.

Corporate Communications

Whitepapers, infographics, direct mail, trade show handouts, postcards, t-shirts. You name it, we designed it for The Doctors Company. A look and feel not common in the medical space, our communications have stood out, generated internal enthusiasm, and won a couple handfuls of industry and advertising awards.

Website Refresh

Without completely redesigning The Doctors Company website we worked with an existing backend architecture focusing on incremental changes we could make to menu systems, front end design and the design language of the digital experience.

Digital Banners

Banners were designed to bring the new look and feel to life through novel and engaging animation.

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