The San Francisco Zoological Society is a brand we’ve been proud to work with for many years. But when they came to us and asked for a campaign to help promote their ninetieth anniversary, we were a little stumped. Not “stuck” mind you because the zoo is one of the great things you can spend your days thinking about. “Stumped.” For as you start thinking about the zoo, you realize there are so many amazing animals, exhibits and experiences and each one means something different to each visitor. How would we decide what to showcase in our campaign?

And then it dawned on us: why pick one when we can show ninety? After all, there are 365 days in the year. Let’s make an effort that can bring many experiences to life over that time.

We will link to many special ninetieth anniversary promotions throughout the year. Stay tuned!

SF Zoo 90 Year Anniversary Films

A series of films created for the Zoo’s 90th anniversary and presented at ZooFest 2019. The films will be used for promotion across social media and special events.

Produced Poster & Signage Artwork

A look at the 12 months of key art developed for the 90th anniversary campaign.

A specialized reworked SF Zoo logo developed for use by partners and in spaces that won’t accommodate complex art.

OOH Banners & Signage

Pole banners from the 90th campaign placed around the SF Zoo grounds.

Digital Banners

A small sampling of the digital banners developed in various sizes.

Print Work

January’s SF Chronicle front page print advertisement.

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