For almost forty years, The Institute on Aging or IOA has been helping seniors and the disabled in The Bay Area live better quality lives through innovative programs and services. But a little research showed “aging” means many things, and coupled with a word like “institute” in the logo, sometimes people wondered if IOA was more of a think-tank and less of an offering of services they could get for a loved one in need. Working together with IOA, we audited the brand and created new ways to explain who IOA is and what they do while creating a look and feel that’s modern, optimistic and premium across every important brand touchpoint.

Print Work

Leveraging a headline structure that rotates out the word “aging” with other adjectives aging stands for, we also updated the look to utilize more modern looking portraiture as well as developed a simple frame device to connect better to their existing brand mark.

Bus Wraps

Interchangeable bus wraps using the “Institute on…” messaging allow IOA to quickly replace and update creative and messaging from year to year.

Long Form Print

We have designed many long form brochures, direct mail and pamphlets advertising services and programs offered by The Institute on Aging. Below is a sample of a piece we did for The Friendship Line.


The old newsletter was full of great content but felt a bit hard to read and was all text. We made it feel more editorial and modern with more white space and modern infographics.

Friendship Line California Animated Broadcast :30

A broadcast animated :30 sec spot we developed for The Institute on Aging and The California Department of Aging to advertise The Friendship Line California, a service providing help and support for the over 7 million older adults who live alone all across California.

Fundraisers and Special Events

Often we use the IOA logo to construct graphics for special events like Pride month, holiday cards, and fundraiser events like “Dinner a la Heart.”

Website and Landing Pages

We have designed a number of destination landing pages for IOA special programs and events. Below are a few examples.

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