Jawbone was ready to launch their new biometric wrist band they called “UP”, the first wearable designed to track sleep habits along with daily activity levels. Represented below are a cross-section of the digital, out-of-home, print and experiential tactics.

“Follow Yourself” Print Campaign

These print executions were designed to quickly convey the functionality of the product for its release and illustrate the breadth of situations the user would benefit from its insights – exercise, sleep, day-to-day, eating.

Jawbone UP “Insight” Dynamic Banner

For these dynamic flash units, the user scrolls over an image mosaic to reveal various sample “insights” taken from the actual mobile application. The insights are pulled from a database so that the content is constantly changing and fun to explore.

“Follow Yourself” Rich-Media

Using the “UP” band as a graphic device, we wrapped and “squeezed” health and fitness related insights out of famous publications and online magazines. Viewers could then follow links to complete articles or save them to their favorite web aggregator for later. We also created interactive guided city tours to get people actively exploring their cities (curated by local celebrities), utilizing four-square linked push notifications advertising healthy lifestyle options and activities based on your geolocation, and an interactive e-publications that customized content based on your “UP” data and curated by a different relevant blogger each month.

“Follow Yourself” Promotional Print Campaign

A fun and sexy way of showing the relationship between the biometric data that Jawbone’s “UP” provides and our bodies. These pieces were developed as graphic poster promos for the products launch. A departure from the typical ads of the category, these became a provocative starting point for the further development of the brands identity.

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